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The workshops are devised along the 4 elements 



Serves as introduction, accepting the waves of life, the importance of finding your own resources and the power of optimism.



Teaches students how to recognize and manage their own emotions and those of others and how to deal with strong negative feelings in their lives.



Makes students familiar with the importance of self-compassion and their own social network (non-virtual), how to employ our best selves in a thriving community and who, when and how to ask for help.



Looks at the importance of creativity and courage for the future with a permission to make mistakes and how to find a positive purpose in life.



12 week program for schools or youth organisations

Bibo represents a series of 12 workshops to run as a school based program in 6th class of primary schools and 1st and 2nd year of secondary schools as well as in youth organisations. 


Fusion of social and emotional skills training and mindfulness

We combine applied positive psychology with mindfulness exercises and meditation as key tools consistently throughout all lessons. The key skills and corresponding values which run throughout the workshop program are the following :




Understanding and accepting your own feelings and finding compassion for those of others

Creativity & Courage 

Allowing change, permission to make mistakes, seizing new opportunities, courage to follow a meaningful and an authentic life


Practice a positive outlook on life, short & long term 


Knowing when, who and how to ask for help


Acceptance of life’s ups & downs, development of coping mechanisms with the emphasis on inner resources


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