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Bibo's Mission

Teaching Youth basic life skills in order to become resilient, creative and mindful young adults.

Positive Psychology

The tenets of BiBo offer hopeful futures and creative possibilities in adversity. These values offer alternative to the hopelessness and lack of choice experienced by youth when facing mental health problems. Positive psychology and mindfulness offer choice and hope in the face of life's dilemmas.

Community Based Holistic Programme

The coherent, Irish developed program, empowers a youth community to learn for life. It is aimed at 11-15 year old adolescents and taught in a 12 week course (1 lesson per week) to 6th class primary school and 1st and 2nd year secondary school students or youth club members.

Helping Teenagers

Today’s teenagers live in an ever more challenging environment, with an overwhelming multitude of choice, a large influence of social and other media which creates a general lack of orientation and lack of empathy for themselves and others, and the inability to relax and just be with themselves. Youth depression and suicide rates in Ireland are alarmingly high - suicide being one of the leading cause of death among young people in Ireland.

Mindfulness & Meditation

The teaching modules focus on the areas of optimism, self-awareness, coping and resilience, empathy and compassion, courage and creativity and all consistently use mindfulness and mediation as a key resource.

Inclusion & Accessibility

As a school or youth organisation based program we aim to reach out to all young people of our target group. BiBo can also be run in schools as well as an after school activity for a youth organisation or sport club.

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